La semana primera

Wow! First of all, let me say that I am not going to pretend to be a blogger. However, during the support raising process many people asked if I was going to update people with a blog, so here is my attempt 🙂

OKAY so.. after packing up my life in two (very heavy) suitcases, saying goodbyes to all close family and friends, waiting in many airport lines, crying for the entire first flight from Minneapolis to Dallas (embarrassing, yes), and enjoying two layovers and an overnight flight from Miami to Montevideo… We finally arrived in Montevideo safe and sound Monday morning!!!! Since Natalie and I got here a week after the rest of our STINT team, we didn’t have much time to waste. We got started right away Monday with a team meeting at la oficina de Cruzada (the Cru office here in Montevideo) and spent our first afternoon on campus. Monday night was the first Vida Estudiantil, which is the weekly meeting of Cru here, and the first time hanging out with Uruguayan students late into the night! It was a very long first day here but also a very exciting day!

My STINT team being introduced at the first weekly meeting of Vida Estudiantil

This entire week has been a week of “decoding”. A week of getting to know the different facultades (campuses) in Montevideo. It has been a week of asking many questions, practicing a lot of Spanish, and walking around the city A LOT. We have explored 9 of the different campuses here in the city, attempting to understand each campus and the lives of the students there.

Overall, I would have to say the week has been incredible, but definitely one of transition and adjustment for me and my team. Montevideo is a much bigger city than any of us are used to, we don’t speak the language perfectly, and we don’t have any of the comforts we took for granted back home. While some things have been challenging and frustrating, I am thankful for a team that has a desire to move toward the culture as well as a desire to pursue the Lord together. We have spent much time in prayer for each other, for the transition, and for this city we now call home. Our hope is that God would use us to reach this city, these campuses, these students to make His name famous here in Uruguay!  Thank for your continued support and prayers!


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