Has it already been a month?!

I cannot believe that we have already been here ONE MONTH! Time seriously does fly and as we settle into a routine, the days pass quickly and comfortably. I am learning so many things every day and feel like the Lord has already been teaching me so much in just four short weeks of ministry here.

Now, in the same breath, I’m going to apologize for my lack of real updates and attempt to summarize the last month of ministry for you!

WOW! So as I said before the first week here was an absolute blur. Nat and I got off the plane to join our team and in just a few hours were sent out on campus to learn about student life here. So, week 1 was “Decoding Week” aka LEARN A LOT. Week 2 was “Meet Week”. My team of 7 STINTers and 2 ICS (International Campus Staff) set out on the 9 different campuses here with a goal of meeting 700 students. We had spiritual interest surveys which asked about spiritual background and whether or not they would like to learn more abut God, about Vida Estudiantil, or about upcoming events we will be having. In this week we went out as normal, talking with students on campus, trusting the Lord to give us 700 conversations and we met OVER 700 STUDENTS. It was an exhausting week but also a great opportunity for us to rely on the Lords energy and strength!

The last 2 weeks now have been “Follow up/Make friends/Share your faith” weeks πŸ™‚ We have been doing evangelism on campus and are learning that it’s a lot different than what we’ve been used to in the States. With relationships so central to the culture here, everything moves slower and that means ministry will too. A lot of what we are doing here truly is building relationships and making friends. We have met many students who are atheists, some who have said that they haven’t thought about God in 10 years, a lot who have no desire to know God, many who have been hurt by corruption in the churches here, and most students don’t know anyone who is a Christian. This is where we come in, and why my job this year is so fun πŸ™‚ We are here to be a spiritual resource for students. We are here to be the only person they’ve ever known, and maybe will ever know, in their life who is truly following Jesus. Through this, we hope that they will see God at work in our lives, that they will see something different in us, and that they will want the love freedom and life we have in Jesus Christ. Our job is to do life with the students here, be available to them, and to make genuine friendships with them! I am honored to be here! I’m having so much fun and God is teaching me so much!

Thank you thank you thank you again for being a part of my team this year! It would be impossible without your financial & prayerful support and all of your LOVE!


(P.S. I’ll try to post some more pictures of life here very soon!)


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