Mid-October Prayer Requests!!!!

Hola a todos! The next two weeks are FULL! We have two really big upcoming events, and prayers from all of you would be greatly appreciated!

First of all, Nick Vujicic is coming to Montevideo!!!! Nick is an Australian who was born without arms and legs, yet he has a hope greater than his circumstances. He travels the world and has shared with millions how his Hope in Christ has transformed his life. Nick’s coming here is backed by many churches here as well as by various foundations that care for those with physical disabilities. We are helping a lot on the promotion end of things and we are expecting and praying for 6,000 Uruguayans to come out to the Rambla on Wednesday night to hear Nick’s inspirational message. Be praying for transformation in Uruguay this week! That God would be working here so many would come and many would put their faith in Christ. Also be praying for sunny weather! Want more information about Nick Vujicic’s incredible story? Check out: http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/

Next, Josh McDowell is coming to Uruguay October 30-Nov 3. Josh McDowell is a well-known author and speaker in the United States (More Than a Carpenter and The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict). He was a hardcore atheist and in his attempt to disprove the Bible, he came to realize that in fact it is all true. God was clearly at work to change his heart and now has used Josh’s story to reach the lives of so many people. He is coming to Uruguay and putting on a number of different events: one for college students, one for young people, one for parents.. Please be praying that God would be at work and would use Josh’s time here to bring many people into relationship with our true Savior Jesus Christ!

Thank you so so much for your continued prayers!  


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