Feliz año nuevo

In light of 2014 everyone on the planet has been thinking about what it means to be new, what this new year will bring, and what new things we will become this year. I personally have never been one for resolutions (mostly because as a kid I resolved every year to stop biting my nails and well, I still bite ’em) but I am one for reflections. I love remembering, recalling, reminiscing. This is ironic because I have been cursed with a terrible memory and need help remembering almost everything before age 10, but it is also wonderful because this selective memory often leaves me with the ability to look back on any given situation and see much more good than bad. And as I reflect on 2013 I see so much good. I see quality time in family trips and vacations with friends. I see joy in my dance team placing at State (and us, as coaches, reliving the glory days). I see courage as best friends moved away pursuing dreams. I see love in so many of my dearest friends weddings. I see memories being made every week as we cherished the end of an amazing four years at the U of M. I see the accomplishment of graduation. Six months ago I would have told you that I was scared and that I didn’t want to grow up and that everything was over. But as hard as it is for me to admit (1. because I’m a baby and I hate change and 2. because it’s just super cliche) as I reflect, I can see that endings are beautiful because they leave room for new beginnings. Without an ending I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to trust God with a little more, to take steps of faith, to move here, to be here in Montevideo!
So here’s to 2014! Here’s to another year of making memories. Here’s to six more months in Uruguay. Here’s to introducing Max and my mama and my Megan to my life here. Here’s to a best friend getting married! Here’s to Minnesota summer and cabin time with my family. Here’s to believing the best, sinking in grace, and pursuing love. Here’s to continuing to follow Jesus and getting to know Him better. Here’s to reflecting, recalling, reminiscing, while always remembering that each day I am made new because I have life in Jesus Christ.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” -2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV


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