Rambla thoughts

I go for a prayer walk on the rambla, worship music blasting in my ears, and I start to wonder how many miles I have ran on this stretch of land. Probably more than any other as I think about how running has given me life these past two years here. But then I realize that really, this rambla holds so much more than solitary morning runs.

It might not look like much, it might be the ugliest part of the rambla that Montevideo has to offer, but this simple path along the sea holds so many footsteps, so many memories, thoughts, conversations, and prayers.

God, the waves have shown me Your greatness, the wind has reminded me that You are with me, and the silence has created space to meditate on Your promises.

I sit down for a minute looking out to the sea and pray big prayers over this city, things I hope for even as I step into my last month here in Uruguay with Cru. Saying goodbye is sad because I know that I am leaving behind a city and a family that I have grown to love and cherish. It is scary because I have no idea what the future holds. But above all things, it is bringing me to a place of thanksgiving over and over and over again. As my team leaves I have to praise God for bringing us all together. As I start saying goodbye to sweet friends, I have to thank the Lord of the Universe for their salvation, and for the ways that they have impacted my life and my faith. And as I leave behind this city and the places that are dear to me, I praise Him who created the heavens and earth because I know that He is pursuing this city and the people that live in it.

Please pray for me and my teammate Holly as our time in Uruguay with Cru is coming to an end. We are finishing up two years here and will be back home in the States on July 1st. Pray for our responsibilities to be handed off well to equipped students, for wisdom about how to use our time wisely, and for boldness as we encourage and love our friends here both Christians and non-Christians.


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